About the brand

Once known for graceful transparencies, sheer elements, and charismatic but never overly provocative pieces, the brand Alessandro Dell’Acqua has now been redefining leisurely streetwear ensembles with monochromatic hues, distinct patterns, and cutting-edge designs meant to take on luxury fashion with new interpretation.

The brand’s intricately made pieces designed with inclusivity and versatility in mind spanning from RTWs, shoes, and accessories possess distinctions through their prints, patterns, and silhouettes that exude subtle femme fatale aura and styles that characterize the utmost masculine identity

Comprising of visionary designers who oversee everything from the thought process and techniques, color selections, and fabric appropriations to design developments up until the ultimate creation of each item, Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s pieces are crafted to be a benchmark of new-era fashion.

More than that, Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s pieces are also created to catch every high stepper’s attention for a solitary edit be it for casual off-duty days to special rendezvous that will set looks apart from the current trend with the brand’s eccentric collections.

The line also live up to Alessandro Dell’Acqua himself’s words that aim to embrace unconventional yet authentic characters one can mirror to their styles.

“Trust your instinct and personality:

do what you feel inside and don’t worry about others’ opinions.”

Express and celebrate your identity’s taste through Alessandro Dell’acqua’s well-crafted pieces and make anywhere your runway.

Be timeless, bold, and contemporary with Alessandro Dell’Acqua.